Nursing Testimonials

Why I Chose Missouri Baptist

"I chose Missouri Baptist because of their great enthusiasm on wanting a new graduate to come to the operating room, I have always wanted to work in the OR and knew this would be a great opportunity for me. Along with being part of BJC, one of the most recognized hospitals in the area, I also knew that this would be a great place for me to work with some of the best doctors and nurses. I also liked the fact that Missouri Baptist is currently striving to reach “Magnet” status and that is something I would really like to be part of, I feel that it shows how great this place really is and how I could learn so much being here as opposed to another hospital."
Nick Raburn, RN

"I chose Missouri Baptist Hospital as my place of employment because it is clearly evident that everyone who works here cares. They care about patients, their families, and making a difference in their lives during a difficult time. They care about their co-workers and working as a team. And they care about being a part of a leading health care organization in BJC."
Jacquie Klocke, RN

"I wanted to work at MoBap as a new nurse because it has a good reputation.  I liked the idea of the hospital feeling like a "small hospital", but being big enough to handle the complex patients and procedures. I liked that MoBap is part of the BJC system which allows for ample room to grow, and I like the safe West County location.  I worked at MoBap since I was 18, and would have been very sad if I was not given the opportunity to start my nursing career here."
Julie Boren, RN

Why I Stay at  Missouri Baptist

"I have been working at Missouri Baptist for over 31 years. I remember the day I interviewed for a position with Lois Wright and part of that interview included a tour through the hospital. I realized then that Mo. Bapt. had that 'it' factor, that special something. We stopped and spoke with staff in several departments and they spoke of family, how their day was going, and Lois asked them if they needed anything? It seemed to be a very caring, almost family type atmosphere. There was a genuine joy of work, kindness, concern and compassion that radiated from everyone I met that day. I knew this hospital had to provide excellent patient care. I wondered with our hospital expansion through the years if we would keep that 'it' factor,.... that special something. As I walk through the halls today, I still see 'it' happening in so many different ways. That's why I've stayed at Missouri Baptist through the years because I want to contribute to that special something and I love being part of 'it.'"
Patti McCarthy, RN

"I have been a nurse here at MBMC for 35 years. I have never thought about making a change, moving to another institution, in those 35 years. I have recommended this hospital to many friends and of course, all my family! The care and compassion exhibited to patients and family members here is far superior than at many other hospitals! Through the years, I have seen many changes occur, most good-but I will always remain loyal to this system."
Marianne Sexton, RN

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